My name is Logan Crossan, and I'm a full-stack web developer and designer.

I work across the full stack of web application development, from server requisition and DevOps type work, to front-end UI/UX design. I tend toward Ruby to support my apps' backends and Javascript to create intuitive user experiences. For more than a year I've been using PHP full-time on the server side on work projects.

I'm experienced in backend frameworks such as Rails and Sinatra, as well as frontend frameworks like Angular.js and Backbone.js. I generally use SCSS, but I also have a deep understanding of CSS core.

Database experience is mostly using MySQL and MariaDB, but I have also worked with MongoDB and PostgreSQL.

Other skills and interests include Node.js, Elixir & Phoenix, and functional programming in Scheme.

I'm a passionate generalist, and I'm very happy when I get to solve a new problem, use a new database, learn a new language, or work with a new workflow. I'm also very happy to level up core skills that I maintain. Growth, whether horizontal or vertical, is very important to my happiness.

I love working on projects that matter.

I'm very interested in working on impactful, interesting projects with knowledgeable, fun, dynamic teams of developers.

My core competencies include Ruby, PHP, and Javascript, but I'm always looking to expand my comfort zone. I'm comfortable in every layer of web application development, from DevOps up through server-side and database programming, thick-client applications, and up into UI/UX and design.

I'm looking to work on web application development, functional programming, web performance, service-oriented architecture, and non-relational data stores.

Sound interesting? Drop me a line.

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